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Apart from fashion and photography I’m interested in art too. My room is full of millions of book about artists and their paintings, architecture and sculptures. I have been in lots of museums but I’ve never visited our Penza’s art gallery. I have to say that there were a lot of interesting pictures,styles which were different from each other. The most terrible thing which we saw was the condition of the building. While we were walking in the gallery we saw stains on ceilings and crumbling plaster. The interior was not bad. If you liked mint and green color, you would like the first hall. Paintings there were amazing too. The next halls were light and big.

I think you’ve already noticed my new dress. It’s from Mrgugu&Missgo. Honestly speaking, you should be very careful if you decide to buy this dress. The thing is that it fits only thin and tall girls. What’s more you should be careful with the size too. If you make a mistake with size, dress will look awful on you. So be attentive when you buy it! I also can advice you a dress without such cuts on it. Here you can find a simple model with this print. Who of you have already found out the print which is an ‘Opheila’ by John Everett Millais? It’s totally the best! I hope I’ll see the original one day!

I remember how someone of you asked me about the photoshoot inPre-Raphaelites style. That’s it is! I hope you’ll like it 🙂

Photo : Ekaterina Kozlova

MUA: Olga Chuvatova

Dress : Mrgugu&Missgo

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