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[dropcap custom_class=»big»]I[/dropcap]t’s Christmas already and I’m so happy! Holidays are here now. Can you feel them? There is magic everywhere! In the streets, in peoples’ smiles, in the city — everywhere! There’s so much snow in Russia and it makes Christmas better than ever! Btw, have you noticed my hairstyle? I didn’t do anything with it 🙂 Just because snow was falling hair curled themselves ! It’s a little bit strange but I like this waves.

I think you’ve already known about «Mysterious Photo-studio» which my friend Iveta has opened about a month ago. We’ve taken photos during the opening and you can see them here. Now we decide to shoot something really homey and funny. So here is it! This photos show how I look in everyday life. I don’t know why but I always feel myself like a little child and it’s great 🙂 I have no problems to worry about, I just live and do what I like and how I like. In my opinion it’s very important to be free and independent.

Anyway, I wish you a wonderful Christmas and all your wishes to come true!

Photos by my lovely Iveta Urlina

Location : Mysterious photo-studio

P.S. What’s your plans for the holidays,guys ? Write me back below this post. I’m interested to know it 🙂

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