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Hi-hi everyone (: Have you already noticed how weather changed? It’s terrible ! For me, it’s really the end. I’m a person who hates cold weather ’cause I don’t want to do anything while it’s cold outside. I have just one wish – sleep all day long 😀

In my article called “Stripe Outfit” I showed to you my look for warm autumn and promised one more. Now I’m showing this classical outfit. This look is one of my favorite looks for daytime wear. I like how these colors match each other and how the shoes look with the my new red coat (: You’ll probably ask me : “Why red? It’s not practical.” I’ll answer : “It’s not only practical but warm & stylish too!” I believe, it’s very important to wear bright clothes in autumn. Hope, you’ll agree with me that it’s horrible to wake up in the early morning when there’s so cold and dark outside. You should get up and leave your comfortable,warm bed and go to work/school/university when your cat stay at home and sleep all day long. It’s actually what my cat Liza do and I’m so jealous about it ! Arrr 😀 So, we’ve went out of the theme for a while ! Let’s get back (: In such mysterious, foggy and cold weather everyone wants colors. Yes! People need bright, amazing color which will paint their autumn’s life in colorful moments. That’s why, I think you MUST wear bright clothes during autumn to not  feel depressed but enjoy every creepy  autumn day (:

Guys, have you mentioned any changes in me? What about my haircut?  Yes! I ! Did ! This! 😀

I thought I need some changes, that’s why I decided to make my hair shorter & more stylish. Anyway, I’m thinking about to write a post about changing my haircut. I’d like to discuss such questions how to decide to change your hairstyle, how to choose which haircut will feature you in the best way and lots of other useful advices about how to take care of your hair?

What do you think? Write me back in comments below !

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Ph: Evgeniya Minchenko 

Red coat from CNDirect

Striped Top from WholeSaleBuying

White Skinny Pants from Vero Moda

Hat from local shop

Bag by Hermes

Shoes by Loriblu

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