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I know, I’m a bad girl 🙂 Have promised you lots of updates and articles, but escaped for a month 🙁 Anyway, I did lots of work during that time. Me and team has shooted a capsule «French Addict Collection 2016» for Helen Iv.Shop,one more luxury wedding collection , which I hope I show you in the middle or in the end of March. Now we’re working on online-shop site, it is really a hard work, guys !

Now let me tell you the latest news: I’ve a big team now ! We are working both in the capital and my hometown, Penza. I’m so excited that my blog has involved so much <3 I got new 6 professionals , whom I gonna introduce you in the nearest time.  5--для-интернета 4--для-интернета 2--для-интернета

These new & cool photos were taken by Vika Max. As you remember we made a few shooting together in 2015: one for my blog and one with a professional model. It’s obvious that when you work in fashon industry, the photography means almost everything ! That’s why, it’s very important to find a person with a camera who share your view on things and has his own style which doesn’t opposite your own one. and… I DID IT ! Every time that we worked with Vika, I get so much pleasure no matter what idea of shooting was. It was really the kind of work that we made together as a real team. During preparing, we discussed different things around 10000 times a day!, supporting each other and waiting for the result. For a such short time,actually a half of the year, Vika has become for me not only a good photographer but a best friend too <3

As a secret, we’re preparing unreal photoshoots next week ( I’ve already bought tickets and packed the suitcase :D), that’s why don’t forget to follow our Instagrams and Periscopes for more broadcastings and backstages !

Periscope: helenahells & VikaMax

Instagram: Helena & Vika 

Photos taken by Vika Max

Clothes from Helen Iv.Shop

MUAH by Yuliya Zinovyeva <3

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    • Благодарю! Я очень хотела, что-нибудь стильное и лаконичное 🙂

      И мне не терпится вас с ними познакомить!!!

    • Да,спасибо большое ! Я так рада,что их становится все больше и больше <3

  1. Anya Khokhlova Reply

    Отличный дизайн:D Будет очень интересно познакомиться с твоей командой))

    • Спасибо! Чб фото — моя страсть, но я люблю обновления,поэтому ближе к весне возможно еще раз поменяю 🙂

      С командой познакомлю однозначно!

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