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Hey lovelies ! The Valentine’s Day is around the corner and I bet you’ve already bought a present for your beloved and,of cause,waiting for yours one too 🙂 Anyway, I guess the article about love can be published tomorrow and for today we have one more special topic: time.

People always say time is too fast, time runs like water, time flies like an arrow and so on, but if we try to look deeper, we will see that time is a magical and wonderful tool which helps us to catch and save the moments as well as to keep them in our hearts & memory through all our lives. Time saves our the best stories which we share with each other, it reminds us about emotions we feel during these moments and gets us back to them. I’m sure for lots of people time plays a big role in their live and just imagine how it can be a part of a brand’s story. If you have checked my Instagram at least twice a week, you would have probably seen the preview of that photoshoot for Christian Paul 11.25 a.m. campaign. For this brand time means almost everything ! This is not just because they sell watches. The main reason why time is so special for the brand is that it was named in honor to the owner’s son — Christian Paul — who was born at 11.25 a.m. and this is a really Christian Paul time! So memorable past matches with modern life and makes Christian Paul’s watches be so amazingly designed and to have a big story behind the products. Thanks to simplicity and minimalism in the design, you can wear those watches in every look from gala, to casual and luxe ones. As a Timothy Caruana, I took an inspiration from a child to spread the brand’s message properly. Anyway, a boy,whom you can see on the photo below, is not my son. He is just my lil cousin,who is a very active and playful child but despite of this fact, he became so curious about my watches and found a minute to take a look on them. I must admit, he liked them very much and asked me to borrow them for his wedding one day 🙂 It makes me laugh like a crazy lady but, of cause, I promised him this! Do you,guys, have any time which is very special for you? What is this?


Outfit details:

Watch by Christian Paul 

Dress from Forza Viva

Ph: Vika Max

MUAH: Yuliya Zinovyeva

Special thanks to restaurant «Davydov» for shooting location!

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