I’ve not packed my suitcase yet and have already prepared for a second trip to Moscow! My friends and family laugh that I should move to capital and,honestly, I start thinking about it, because of the distance of 654 km I always miss lots of events and presentations. This makes me wanna cry ! When I come to Moscow, I live another life and I really like it 🙂 Despite of the fact that I have at least 2-3 hours for sleeping, I just can’t stand from working on Helen Iv. This really feels like something that you’re born for !

I’m sure, you’ve already seen all fashion-weeks online or may be visited some of them in real life. As for me, I’m looking forward to Russian MBFW which will start from 11 till 15 March. What’s more, I’ve already planned a list of designers, whose collections I want to see most of all! For this time I’ll take my laptop as a real blogger to post articles and upload videos quicker. I hope, we will be able to edit content during our trip. Anyway, there will be lots of posts on my Instagram and broadcastings on Periscope. Follow to be connected !


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