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Давно не помню состояния, когда дико уставшая, я сажусь писать новую статью в блог,готовлюсь рассказать вам что-то новое и интересное из своей жизни, убеждаю себя в том,что еще есть силы просидеть за лаптопом час-два и наконец-то публикую пост с чувством неописуемого восторга. До этого момента я часто употребляла страшное слово “потом”. Потом напишу, потом посмотрю, потом прочитаю… И,знаете, это “потом” ужасно портило мою жизнь. Не говоря о том,сколько оно отнимало у меня времени, а также эмоций. Да-да! Отложив написание статьи на потом, я буквально забывала те события,которые произошли совсем недавно и совсем не по причине плохой памяти,нет, а просто потому что в моей жизни все происходит и меняется очень быстро,что я сама порой не успеваю отслеживать свое настроение и эмоциональное состояние. Так вот,чтобы не откладывать все в долгий ящик,я решила,что буду понемногу писать для вас статьи с самыми свежими эмоциями и рассказывать обо всем,что произошло/происходит/будет происходить. И самая свежая новость – это то,что мы с Аней только что вернулись со съемок анонса InstaMeet’а, который будет уже в этот weekend ! Более подробно вы узнаете обо всем,что я готовлю завтра в моем Инстаграме 🙂 Скажу лишь,что это будет не стандартная встреча,а очень интересное


I didn’t even remember that kind of condition, when I sat down, opened my laptop and forgot about tiredness began to write a new article for you to share my own thoughts and also past & upcoming news which I had in my life at that moment. Honestly, I’ve been using word “later” so often. “I’ll post an article later, I’ll do it later… ” and,you know, that “later” had awfully rejected on my life. It took my energy, broke my emotional balance. Yes! If I put off writing an article, I forgot that events which have passed recently and that wasn’t because of my memory (I don’t have any problems with it!). The reason is that everything in my life changes so quickly, so I can’t even have time to save all the moments from my life. On one hand, it’s cool that my life is so interesting, busy but,on another hand, sometimes it’s rather difficult to cope with. Anyway, I was so lucky to find a decision to get rid of the “laterness” 😀 Every week I’ll share w/ you my past,recent and future plans and the most fresh news are that Anna and I have just got back from shooting a preview of InstaMeet which will take place on this Saturday! I am so excited for it 🙂

Another thing is that we’ve finally shooted the new lookbook of prom, evening and cocktail dresses for my HelenIv.Boutique! The big ladies’ crew was working hard on it and the first videos and backstages will be soon uploaded. I sincerely hope the online-shop will be ready too.

We took that photos w/ Vika while our first visit to Design-factory “Flacon”. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to explore the place and the shops but we found that cool clock and were lucky to take pictures with it. They even become symbolic for me as well as the picture. Now I better understand how time is important, how it goes fast and how little we have it. Sometimes you fail, sometimes you win and all these things only time covers. Anyway, I believe apart from the time the inspiration plays a big role in our lifes. This topic have become so interesting for me so I decided to publish an article this week to share my thoughts,passion and even the sources of inspiration. So keep your eyes on my blog and let’s return to fashion,which is always a big source of inspiration for me!2-для-инт (1)

This red suit I found in showroom YANS (which also located in “Flacon” but don’t be upset,they ship worldwide). I like such kind of clothes and even continue to wear them after graduating from school. Luckily, I can wear the suits of different colors: red,blue, yellow and so on, not only black and white, at the university. I like how the white color make outfit look fresh while the black and grey flowers make it more interesting and even romantic. That was my first experiment with basic colors, I tried to mix them up and make something a little bit different from minimal but interesting at one time. My second experiment was about details. In this outfit I wear gold vintage watches from “Zarya”, which have some silver stripes on the clock. Due to this fact I decided to match it with the ring made from white gold. Thanks to white accents, they look cool together making an outfit interesting and not so basic. One more detail which I like in this outfit is my grey ankle boots from Charles & Keith. I got them last winter but because of the Russian weather I can finally wear them in the spring. I chose this boots in grey color ’cause I’m tired of black and white  ones. What’s more, I wanted to learn for myself how to work and how to match the grey color with bright tones.

In my opinion, you can wear this look to the school, university, work and even to business meeting. What do you think about it?



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