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I’m often asked to advise some books which can help with studying fashion. Today I decided to tell you about one book which impressed me a lot. About one year ago I stopped reading E-books, only making exception for big books about art&architecture. I also read E-books while travelling ’cause taking real ones is unreal for me (I’ve a big suitcase every time I travel). As for me, I like reading real books, I enjoy turning the pages and looking at the photos as well as simply holding a book in my hands.  I buy books through online shop «Labirint» where the prices are low and I also have there a nice discount. So, being their client means getting tones of emails about new, most buying books or books on sale. In one of such email I found the book «Love x Style x Life» written by fashion blogger Garance Doré. At that moment I didn’t know who Garance were, I also didn’t know anything about her art, style & way of life. Her books was on sale, the price was good and I decided to buy it. The quality of paper, the design, photos — everything was perfect. I fell in love with the book at the first time when I took it in my hands.  I was turning pages, exploring every photo,every detail and reading each word and phrase carefully. It’s a pity, that nowadays lots of bloggers forget about their goals. I mean lots of them are advertising low quality products or,what is worse, become commercial persons who don’t care about their audience. For me,Garance Doré is a real blogger. This woman is very friendly, warm and kind. She is real. She doesn’t impose to buy clothes which don’t suit you well, because fashion changes every season but your style is always with you. Through her book she teachers how to love yourself, how to start making changes in your life, how to find your style. She also opens interesting beauty tips which are universal for every girl and even a woman. Her way of writing is easy for understanding and makes you laugh sometimes,which is pretty cool!

The book starts from author’s life story. Garance writes about each period of her life very carefully and doesn’t miss any detail. She even tells stories about her relationships with family, men and about her financial problems at different ages. Garance explains what fashion means for her and where love for it has started, what role Zara has played in her life and,of cause, how her dream came true. I’m extremely interested in her comparison of way of living French and New York women. I really couldn’t imagine that they are so different as well as their styles are! For example, the word «love» means different things in France and USA:

The phrase «I love you» have a strong meaning in France…But «With love» and «Love» is the most banal end of emails in United States.

Garance Doré

Now you understand some differences. I really like how Garance writes about style. For her, style is not only the clothes, it is

«…a walk, a smile, a shine in your eyes  — it’s how we are living our lifes.»

This is every girl should learn. There is a nice collection of clothes which should be in every basic wardrobe: a pencil skirt, nude shoes, white jeans, boots, biker leather jacket, sneakers, a coat, vintage T-shirts, jeans jackets,mens’ shirts, hats, mini skirt… Apart from that, she openes a door to a French style. It turns out that a parisian woman will never buy a trendy piece if it doesn’t match her wardrobe and fits her style. They are also not afraid of looking the same. Parisian woman finds the desing of cloth, color or style which fits her on 10000% and will never refuse from it. I think, it’s a cool thing which we all should try to learn.  Garance against from wearing designer’s copies of clothes because it’s not only unrespactable for them but also for people around you and yourself. The book also contains advises of how to mix street and glamour. That information was really helpful for me, because I was wondering how to wear vintage T’shirts with designer clothes. I was also interesting in her thoughts about elegance, you really mist read i by yourself!  The book is full of beauty tips which are universal for every girl. And of cause photos! They are ALL beautiful.

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I think you can buy English or even French version of the book on Garance’s blog. She has a special category for it.


Honestly, the books and Garance herself made a great impact on me, so now I want to remake my wardrobe and modernize it with new knowledges and feelings. That’s why I also changed the concept of my shop. HelenIv.Boutique is now  a special place where you can find not only the latest trends but basic clothes too and create looks with my help for any occasion. My boutique is made for teaching you how to look beautiful, how to find your own style and always look amazing.  I’m very close for opening my online store, so keep in touch! Miracles are coming 🙂

I’m so thankful to my team, who helps me in making my ideas alive, especially Julia Papkova. She made new logo and design for cards and blog. If you are looking for a graphic designer, contact her through the Instagram (@yulia_papkova), she will be happy to help you and,of cause, you will be satisfied with the resulf, I promise!


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