July 2018



So, now it’s time to look back on 2016 and say “Thank you!”. Honestly, I’m so happy that year is finished. It wasn’t the time which I would remember as brilliant one. During 2016 I was completely out of blog, working on Rent-a-look project. What’s more, I still work hard on it and really hope that it will be a successful business. Fingers crossed!

Today I also would like to show you some summer photos which I haven’t uploaded. I really like these atmosphere, a little bit grungy & rock’n’roll but chic photos so this photo story is one of my favorite of 2016. Just turn on Ozzy Osbourne’s songs including “Dreamer”, “I just want you”, “Tomorrow” and try to feel the summer atmosphere

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Ph: Nastya Zabelina
Slip dress and red jacket: HelenIv.Boutique
Shoes: Saint Laurent
Wallet: Mywalit
Sunglasses: ZeroUV

So, it has been a long time. Very long, I should say. I do feel like I should explain my silence here, on Helen Iv. Coming back, writing an article and being so open to you always feel good. For such a long period I have rethought lots of things and actually lots of that things have changed. The main morality that I’ve discovered for myself is to say goodbye to the whole past and start living the life I always want to live. Sometimes we should let go and…go on! Life is perfect, life is wonderful so it will be a crime to waste it on tears and depressions. Just stop, look around, make a deep breath and…go on! Don’t look back and don’t get back. This is a new formula to be happy.

Of cause, I have lots of stuff to post here and will start with this one. It’s all about summer days, polo,horses, good people and good sparkling wine. I was invited by Sensimi & Nastoyaschaya Vodka brands to spend a day with them, try new alcohol (as well as the cocktails) and watch an excellent game. Honestly, it was my first time there, so I had to search for rules of the game to understand what was going on. The atmosphere was just amazing! People, food, drinks and animals – everything created a special warm place, which I wouldn’t like to leave.


The drinks were so good,that I tried every cocktail of each brand. I especially liked the sparkling wine by Sensimi. It was delicious! Sweet, light and just amazing. The packaging was something beautiful: pink and white colors matched each other so well! I admit that every girl will fall in love with this sparkling wine by Sensimi <3

For such unusual event I decided to wear the dress in deep royal blue color by Russian designer, Ekaterina Smolina. This dress has a classical style which helps you wear it to the work with black pumps or to the party or polo game with nude heels & sparkling clutch to taste some sparkling drinks 🙂


Dress by Ekaterina Smolina.

Heels & Clutch by Loriblu.

Sunglasses by Versace.

Location: Moscow Polo Club Tseleevo

Thanks Sensimi & Nastoyaschaya Vodka brands for such opportunity!


Bang bang, he shot me down
Bang bang, I hit the ground
Bang bang, that awful sound
Bang bang, my baby shot me down

This photoshoot is an inspiration. The whole inspiration by Nancy Sinatra and her beautiful, magical song “Bang Bang”. These lyrics, this music, this voice…make me feel exactly flying. Make me feel something exciting, marvelous and terrific. It is always interesting to see how fashion is permeated with other industries: art, design and,of cause, music. Through photos, outfits, songs we can explain our thoughts, worries, happiness, love, fears. That’s why, fashion and other spheres are made to express our feelings as well as ourselves. Someone draws pictures, someone takes them, someone writes songs and someone writes articles and stories. We are so different but in the same time we are so similar. These things are bringing us together and making us better persons. Do what you love and love what you do. It is a key to success.


Ph: Anna Kabasina

MUAH: Elena Gracheva

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