So, now it’s time to look back on 2016 and say “Thank you!”. Honestly, I’m so happy that year is finished. It wasn’t the time which I would remember as brilliant one. During 2016 I was completely out of blog, working on Rent-a-look project. What’s more, I still work hard on it and really hope that it will be a successful business. Fingers crossed!

Today I also would like to show you some summer photos which I haven’t uploaded. I really like these atmosphere, a little bit grungy & rock’n’roll but chic photos so this photo story is one of my favorite of 2016. Just turn on Ozzy Osbourne’s songs including “Dreamer”, “I just want you”, “Tomorrow” and try to feel the summer atmosphere

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 5 16
Ph: Nastya Zabelina
Slip dress and red jacket: HelenIv.Boutique
Shoes: Saint Laurent
Wallet: Mywalit
Sunglasses: ZeroUV

So, it has been a long time. Very long, I should say. I do feel like I should explain my silence here, on Helen Iv. Coming back, writing an article and being so open to you always feel good. For such a long period I have rethought lots of things and actually lots of that things have changed. The main morality that I’ve discovered for myself is to say goodbye to the whole past and start living the life I always want to live. Sometimes we should let go and…go on! Life is perfect, life is wonderful so it will be a crime to waste it on tears and depressions. Just stop, look around, make a deep breath and…go on! Don’t look back and don’t get back. This is a new formula to be happy.

Of cause, I have lots of stuff to post here and will start with this one. It’s all about summer days, polo,horses, good people and good sparkling wine. I was invited by Sensimi & Nastoyaschaya Vodka brands to spend a day with them, try new alcohol (as well as the cocktails) and watch an excellent game. Honestly, it was my first time there, so I had to search for rules of the game to understand what was going on. The atmosphere was just amazing! People, food, drinks and animals – everything created a special warm place, which I wouldn’t like to leave.


The drinks were so good,that I tried every cocktail of each brand. I especially liked the sparkling wine by Sensimi. It was delicious! Sweet, light and just amazing. The packaging was something beautiful: pink and white colors matched each other so well! I admit that every girl will fall in love with this sparkling wine by Sensimi <3

For such unusual event I decided to wear the dress in deep royal blue color by Russian designer, Ekaterina Smolina. This dress has a classical style which helps you wear it to the work with black pumps or to the party or polo game with nude heels & sparkling clutch to taste some sparkling drinks 🙂


Dress by Ekaterina Smolina.

Heels & Clutch by Loriblu.

Sunglasses by Versace.

Location: Moscow Polo Club Tseleevo

Thanks Sensimi & Nastoyaschaya Vodka brands for such opportunity!


Bang bang, he shot me down
Bang bang, I hit the ground
Bang bang, that awful sound
Bang bang, my baby shot me down

This photoshoot is an inspiration. The whole inspiration by Nancy Sinatra and her beautiful, magical song “Bang Bang”. These lyrics, this music, this voice…make me feel exactly flying. Make me feel something exciting, marvelous and terrific. It is always interesting to see how fashion is permeated with other industries: art, design and,of cause, music. Through photos, outfits, songs we can explain our thoughts, worries, happiness, love, fears. That’s why, fashion and other spheres are made to express our feelings as well as ourselves. Someone draws pictures, someone takes them, someone writes songs and someone writes articles and stories. We are so different but in the same time we are so similar. These things are bringing us together and making us better persons. Do what you love and love what you do. It is a key to success.


Ph: Anna Kabasina

MUAH: Elena Gracheva

Давно не помню состояния, когда дико уставшая, я сажусь писать новую статью в блог,готовлюсь рассказать вам что-то новое и интересное из своей жизни, убеждаю себя в том,что еще есть силы просидеть за лаптопом час-два и наконец-то публикую пост с чувством неописуемого восторга. До этого момента я часто употребляла страшное слово “потом”. Потом напишу, потом посмотрю, потом прочитаю… И,знаете, это “потом” ужасно портило мою жизнь. Не говоря о том,сколько оно отнимало у меня времени, а также эмоций. Да-да! Отложив написание статьи на потом, я буквально забывала те события,которые произошли совсем недавно и совсем не по причине плохой памяти,нет, а просто потому что в моей жизни все происходит и меняется очень быстро,что я сама порой не успеваю отслеживать свое настроение и эмоциональное состояние. Так вот,чтобы не откладывать все в долгий ящик,я решила,что буду понемногу писать для вас статьи с самыми свежими эмоциями и рассказывать обо всем,что произошло/происходит/будет происходить. И самая свежая новость – это то,что мы с Аней только что вернулись со съемок анонса InstaMeet’а, который будет уже в этот weekend ! Более подробно вы узнаете обо всем,что я готовлю завтра в моем Инстаграме 🙂 Скажу лишь,что это будет не стандартная встреча,а очень интересное


I didn’t even remember that kind of condition, when I sat down, opened my laptop and forgot about tiredness began to write a new article for you to share my own thoughts and also past & upcoming news which I had in my life at that moment. Honestly, I’ve been using word “later” so often. “I’ll post an article later, I’ll do it later… ” and,you know, that “later” had awfully rejected on my life. It took my energy, broke my emotional balance. Yes! If I put off writing an article, I forgot that events which have passed recently and that wasn’t because of my memory (I don’t have any problems with it!). The reason is that everything in my life changes so quickly, so I can’t even have time to save all the moments from my life. On one hand, it’s cool that my life is so interesting, busy but,on another hand, sometimes it’s rather difficult to cope with. Anyway, I was so lucky to find a decision to get rid of the “laterness” 😀 Every week I’ll share w/ you my past,recent and future plans and the most fresh news are that Anna and I have just got back from shooting a preview of InstaMeet which will take place on this Saturday! I am so excited for it 🙂

Another thing is that we’ve finally shooted the new lookbook of prom, evening and cocktail dresses for my HelenIv.Boutique! The big ladies’ crew was working hard on it and the first videos and backstages will be soon uploaded. I sincerely hope the online-shop will be ready too.

We took that photos w/ Vika while our first visit to Design-factory “Flacon”. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to explore the place and the shops but we found that cool clock and were lucky to take pictures with it. They even become symbolic for me as well as the picture. Now I better understand how time is important, how it goes fast and how little we have it. Sometimes you fail, sometimes you win and all these things only time covers. Anyway, I believe apart from the time the inspiration plays a big role in our lifes. This topic have become so interesting for me so I decided to publish an article this week to share my thoughts,passion and even the sources of inspiration. So keep your eyes on my blog and let’s return to fashion,which is always a big source of inspiration for me!2-для-инт (1)

This red suit I found in showroom YANS (which also located in “Flacon” but don’t be upset,they ship worldwide). I like such kind of clothes and even continue to wear them after graduating from school. Luckily, I can wear the suits of different colors: red,blue, yellow and so on, not only black and white, at the university. I like how the white color make outfit look fresh while the black and grey flowers make it more interesting and even romantic. That was my first experiment with basic colors, I tried to mix them up and make something a little bit different from minimal but interesting at one time. My second experiment was about details. In this outfit I wear gold vintage watches from “Zarya”, which have some silver stripes on the clock. Due to this fact I decided to match it with the ring made from white gold. Thanks to white accents, they look cool together making an outfit interesting and not so basic. One more detail which I like in this outfit is my grey ankle boots from Charles & Keith. I got them last winter but because of the Russian weather I can finally wear them in the spring. I chose this boots in grey color ’cause I’m tired of black and white  ones. What’s more, I wanted to learn for myself how to work and how to match the grey color with bright tones.

In my opinion, you can wear this look to the school, university, work and even to business meeting. What do you think about it?




April ! And Here We Go ! Ok, it was quite a long time since I haven’t posted anything here on blog. But now I’m ready to show you my extremely amazing spring outfit. I never think about wearing oversized coats because, in my opinion, they are not so feminine as trench coats are. How I was mistaken! The secret of such kind of a coat is just to find your design which will fit you well and won’t put on some kilograms to your body,haha 🙂

Another secret is the color. I am fond of camel coats and even thinking about buying for myself such piece for autumn (any recommendations where I can find it?) but I hate grey oversized coat with all my heart. To my mind, they look really poor,  I mean they seem to have been made from a rough material which peasants from Middle Ages were wearing. So, when you’re choosing oversized coat pay attention to the color and choose the right one to look amazing. I have chosen such bright baby blue color not only because it’s my favorite one but,what’s more, it features me fine because I have dark brown hair and very pale skin. Just used my skills as a stylist, haha 😀 But without a laugh, if you know your kind of appearance it can help you to create a good wardrobe and even style !

IMG_3151 IMG_3134 IMG_3239

I love spring just not only for the blossom but for the great opportunity to wear coats with heels. Thank you, my favorite kind of season! These super cool heels I got from Loriblu and I guess I will be wearing them in the summer too because this kind of basic shoes in nude color with small details can be matched with everything. This cool bag is from Loriblu new collection too. I am so in love with this color and these funny spikes! Sometimes it’s really important to add come fun to your outfit and details or accessories can do it in the best way.


Ph: Vladimir Shalyapin

MUAH: Natasha Bah

Coat by Ekaterina Smolina

Sweater by Karen Millen

Skinny pants from Mango

Bag & Heels by Loriblu

Hey lovelies ! The Valentine’s Day is around the corner and I bet you’ve already bought a present for your beloved and,of cause,waiting for yours one too 🙂 Anyway, I guess the article about love can be published tomorrow and for today we have one more special topic: time.

People always say time is too fast, time runs like water, time flies like an arrow and so on, but if we try to look deeper, we will see that time is a magical and wonderful tool which helps us to catch and save the moments as well as to keep them in our hearts & memory through all our lives. Time saves our the best stories which we share with each other, it reminds us about emotions we feel during these moments and gets us back to them. I’m sure for lots of people time plays a big role in their live and just imagine how it can be a part of a brand’s story. If you have checked my Instagram at least twice a week, you would have probably seen the preview of that photoshoot for Christian Paul 11.25 a.m. campaign. For this brand time means almost everything ! This is not just because they sell watches. The main reason why time is so special for the brand is that it was named in honor to the owner’s son – Christian Paul – who was born at 11.25 a.m. and this is a really Christian Paul time! So memorable past matches with modern life and makes Christian Paul’s watches be so amazingly designed and to have a big story behind the products. Thanks to simplicity and minimalism in the design, you can wear those watches in every look from gala, to casual and luxe ones. As a Timothy Caruana, I took an inspiration from a child to spread the brand’s message properly. Anyway, a boy,whom you can see on the photo below, is not my son. He is just my lil cousin,who is a very active and playful child but despite of this fact, he became so curious about my watches and found a minute to take a look on them. I must admit, he liked them very much and asked me to borrow them for his wedding one day 🙂 It makes me laugh like a crazy lady but, of cause, I promised him this! Do you,guys, have any time which is very special for you? What is this?


Outfit details:

Watch by Christian Paul 

Dress from Forza Viva

Ph: Vika Max

MUAH: Yuliya Zinovyeva

Special thanks to restaurant “Davydov” for shooting location!


I know, I’m a bad girl 🙂 Have promised you lots of updates and articles, but escaped for a month 🙁 Anyway, I did lots of work during that time. Me and team has shooted a capsule “French Addict Collection 2016” for Helen Iv.Shop,one more luxury wedding collection , which I hope I show you in the middle or in the end of March. Now we’re working on online-shop site, it is really a hard work, guys !

Now let me tell you the latest news: I’ve a big team now ! We are working both in the capital and my hometown, Penza. I’m so excited that my blog has involved so much <3 I got new 6 professionals , whom I gonna introduce you in the nearest time.  5--для-интернета 4--для-интернета 2--для-интернета

These new & cool photos were taken by Vika Max. As you remember we made a few shooting together in 2015: one for my blog and one with a professional model. It’s obvious that when you work in fashon industry, the photography means almost everything ! That’s why, it’s very important to find a person with a camera who share your view on things and has his own style which doesn’t opposite your own one. and… I DID IT ! Every time that we worked with Vika, I get so much pleasure no matter what idea of shooting was. It was really the kind of work that we made together as a real team. During preparing, we discussed different things around 10000 times a day!, supporting each other and waiting for the result. For a such short time,actually a half of the year, Vika has become for me not only a good photographer but a best friend too <3

As a secret, we’re preparing unreal photoshoots next week ( I’ve already bought tickets and packed the suitcase :D), that’s why don’t forget to follow our Instagrams and Periscopes for more broadcastings and backstages !

Periscope: helenahells & VikaMax

Instagram: Helena & Vika 

Photos taken by Vika Max

Clothes from Helen Iv.Shop

MUAH by Yuliya Zinovyeva <3

Hi-hi everyone (: Have you already noticed how weather changed? It’s terrible ! For me, it’s really the end. I’m a person who hates cold weather ’cause I don’t want to do anything while it’s cold outside. I have just one wish – sleep all day long 😀

In my article called “Stripe Outfit” I showed to you my look for warm autumn and promised one more. Now I’m showing this classical outfit. This look is one of my favorite looks for daytime wear. I like how these colors match each other and how the shoes look with the my new red coat (: You’ll probably ask me : “Why red? It’s not practical.” I’ll answer : “It’s not only practical but warm & stylish too!” I believe, it’s very important to wear bright clothes in autumn. Hope, you’ll agree with me that it’s horrible to wake up in the early morning when there’s so cold and dark outside. You should get up and leave your comfortable,warm bed and go to work/school/university when your cat stay at home and sleep all day long. It’s actually what my cat Liza do and I’m so jealous about it ! Arrr 😀 So, we’ve went out of the theme for a while ! Let’s get back (: In such mysterious, foggy and cold weather everyone wants colors. Yes! People need bright, amazing color which will paint their autumn’s life in colorful moments. That’s why, I think you MUST wear bright clothes during autumn to not  feel depressed but enjoy every creepy  autumn day (:

Guys, have you mentioned any changes in me? What about my haircut?  Yes! I ! Did ! This! 😀

I thought I need some changes, that’s why I decided to make my hair shorter & more stylish. Anyway, I’m thinking about to write a post about changing my haircut. I’d like to discuss such questions how to decide to change your hairstyle, how to choose which haircut will feature you in the best way and lots of other useful advices about how to take care of your hair?

What do you think? Write me back in comments below !

Like this post above if you like the way I write & dress ! Thank you <3IMG_3255 IMG_3281

Ph: Evgeniya Minchenko 

Red coat from CNDirect

Striped Top from WholeSaleBuying

White Skinny Pants from Vero Moda

Hat from local shop

Bag by Hermes

Shoes by Loriblu


Я очень люблю книги, когда начинаю читать их, буквально забываюсь, и мир как будто останавливается и просит подождать. Правда в последнее время я все меньше  читаю электронные книги на своем iPhone, а больше покупаю настоящие, бумажные. Кстати, уже присмотрела несколько классных магазинчиков в Пензе и первый это – “Букинист” 🙂

IMG_5223 IMG_5217

Расположен он в самом центре города, на старой улице Володарского, в маленьком дворике. В магазине собрано море различных книг от школьных пособий до дорогущих красивых книг, которые обычно дарят в подарок. Но самым приятным открытием для нас с Женей было то, что в “Букинисте” представлен огромный ассортимент книг об искусстве, различных художниках, архитектуре  и даже фотографии! Ну и конечно без романов, фантастики и других книг никуда 😀

IMG_5272 IMG_5228 IMG_5230

Ох, я бы закрылась в этом магазине на неделю и только и делала, что читала бы эти книги, не переставая !

Кто уже успел заметить мои необычные серьги? Мне захотелось побаловать себя и прикупить что-нибудь новое из бижутерии к весне. Серьги  сделаны из чистого эко-материала – дерева вишни.  Больше всего мне нравится, то что их можно носить каждый день в независимости от образа, так как они универсальны 🙂 Очень довольна ими и всем советую приобрести свои серьги! Кстати, присылают их вот в таких деревянных коробочках.  

IMG_5237 IMG_5273 IMG_5275


Photos by Jenya Minchenko <3

Wooden earrings ( similar here ) – ProgressWorkShop 

Skirt ( similar here) – OASAP

Cat-eye glasses (similar here) – ZeroUV

_KAT4664  _KAT4698 _KAT4744 _KAT4771 _KAT4809 _KAT4817 _KAT4883



Apart from fashion and photography I’m interested in art too. My room is full of millions of book about artists and their paintings, architecture and sculptures. I have been in lots of museums but I’ve never visited our Penza’s art gallery. I have to say that there were a lot of interesting pictures,styles which were different from each other. The most terrible thing which we saw was the condition of the building. While we were walking in the gallery we saw stains on ceilings and crumbling plaster. The interior was not bad. If you liked mint and green color, you would like the first hall. Paintings there were amazing too. The next halls were light and big.

I think you’ve already noticed my new dress. It’s from Mrgugu&Missgo. Honestly speaking, you should be very careful if you decide to buy this dress. The thing is that it fits only thin and tall girls. What’s more you should be careful with the size too. If you make a mistake with size, dress will look awful on you. So be attentive when you buy it! I also can advice you a dress without such cuts on it. Here you can find a simple model with this print. Who of you have already found out the print which is an ‘Opheila’ by John Everett Millais? It’s totally the best! I hope I’ll see the original one day!

I remember how someone of you asked me about the photoshoot inPre-Raphaelites style. That’s it is! I hope you’ll like it 🙂

Photo : Ekaterina Kozlova

MUA: Olga Chuvatova

Dress : Mrgugu&Missgo

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